An insider's guide to little-known places to go and things to see in Dubrovnik








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Places to go and things to see in Dubrovnik... which you will not find in the usual tourist guide

Hello.... My name is Marija, I was born and grew up in Dubrovnik and I have collected here some of my favourite places and events, many of which aren't found in the usual tourist guides and are missed by most tourists.

If you're going to Dubrovnik and you'd like to go a little beyond the main tourist tracks, here are a few tips...

Island view from Petka
ISLANDS — I think no visit to Dubrovnik (or anywhere in Dalmatia) is complete without visiting at least one island... My favourites are Lokrum, Mljet, and Korcula and while I put some photos here, nothing can replace the experience of being there yourself...

BEACHES are of course where a lot of people spend much of their holiday, but they are not all the same... here is an overview of Uvala, Adriatic and Banje beaches with some tips on how to have the best time there.
Beach Vis

NEARBY — These places are all within half an hour from Dubrovnik, but the change of scenery is total... Zaton, Konavle and Cavtat are some of my favourite out-of-town spots, and perhaps you'll like to explore them too...

APARTMENTS — If you don't already have a place to stay, here are some apartments (you can rent for one or more days) that I'm comfortable to recommend. I've chosen them to cover the main areas... two in the Old Town (Nerio and Sebastian), one in Gruz (Miloglav), one in Lapad (Bakoč) and one in Zaton: (Villa Mir)
Apartments in Dubrovnik

Restaurants in Dubrovnik
and Sebastian are two authentic places to go and take a meal break. Porto Camara is in an island of Mljet, in the secluded little bay Okuklje. Sebastian is in the Old Town, just a few meters from the main street Stradun.

WALKS will take you to the most beautiful parts of Dubrovnik with astonishing sights of the sea and horizon, hills and meadows as well as famous City Walls. Read more about these places here: Petka, Sveti Jakov and Park Gradac
Little walking path in Konavle

Pile gate, the entrance to the Old Town
OLD TOWN is a short description of the Old Town, the historical part inside the great city walls, and of some people like the perfume lady and the minstrel who seem to have become part of the Old Town scenery...

EVENTS is about unique Dubrovnik festivals, the Summer Festival, the ancient celebration of Saint Blaise and the brand-new Medieval Fair.
The opening procession of Medieval Fair

Tennis in Uvala Lapad
PLAY is about places for jogging, playing beach volleyball and football, tennis etc. (sports) and, when you just want to "get away from it all", boat tours to the open sea.

After going through this virtual tour of visiting at least one of every part, you will have the right to say that you really "discovered" Dubrovnik. And in many cases, people who come to Dubrovnik once will, come back for more...