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This is an artificial beach made with a solid white ground which makes it quite unique. Even if you like natural beaches you might visit this one for a change. Myself, I like natural beaches, but I also enjoy coming here from time to time for a change. Hotel Adriatic, right next to the beach is obviously where the name comes from. Some of the people are hotel guests, but the beach is free and alot of different people, young and old, locals and foreigners come here.

Adriatic beach
Adriatic beach

Things to do and discover

There is a bar just a few steps away with tables and beach umbrellas where I go to enjoy an icecream and to soak a pleasant atmosphere.

If you want to sunbathe you can rent a deck chair or just lay your towel on the paved ground.

If you are with friends you can bring a ball and play Foot-tennis. That's like a small tennis field drawn on the ground where you kick into the opponents side.

There are three stairs leading directly into the sea and one corner with pebbels and shallow water. There's alot of splashing going on there so watch out if you want to stay dry!

View from Adriatic beach
View from Adriatic beach

Above the beach, up the stairs you'll find a tennis field and right across it there is a cherry tree which blossoms in the summer during july. Hidden near the tennis field there is a public ping pong table, but you must bring your own net as well as raquets and balls. You will find the table free most of the time.

One more thing you'll find there is alot of pine nuts. You'll find some on the ground and even more inside of the fallen pine cones. In the stores they cost a small fortune, but here you'll get them fresh and free.

If you want to enjoy a nice view, there is a little fortress-like tower that you can climb.

This postcard view is completed by the elegant hotel terrace, cypress and pine trees all around.

Easy to go inside...
Easy to go inside...