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The opening ceremony
The opening ceremony

During the time of Summer Festival, the face of Dubrovnik changes. It radiates with rainbow colors of artists: musicians, actors, directors, writers, dancers, photographers, painters and a lot more interesting personalities that nourish art.

Another name of this festival is Dubrovačke Ljetne Igre - Dubrovnik Summer Games. The Games maintain their tradition since 1950. Numerous famous artists from around the world are regular guests and many of them keep coming back attracted by the open stage of the Old Town.

The opening ceremony is on the evening of July 10th, and the whole program lasts until the August 25th. During that period you can enjoy music, theatre, dance, folklore and midnight performances. Theatre shows are performed by the Festival Drama Ensemble with famous Croatian actors.

Many residents of Dubrovnik remember their first contact with theatre which was on the repertoire of the Festival. Their stories share one thing in common, a memory of sitting on a warm stone right in front of the actors and laughing at funny scenes. These were some of the first moments that created sparkles of love towards theatre and pointed many children in the direction of art. Don't think that the spectators that pay their ticket will have to sit on a stone, they will have their regular chair among the audience...and miss this rare opportunity few children have :)

The major musical part is held in the atrium of Rector's Palace. The music fills the atrium and two hours pass by without noticing. Unavoidable part of the Festival is the folklore, the dance group Linđo performs folk dances that originate from Dubrovnik villages and other parts of Croatia.

There is such a dynamic going on in the period of the Festival. Although it starts on July 10th, it represents a real opening of the summer. So, if you're having trouble deciding when is the right time to come to Dubrovnik, you won't make a mistake if you choose some of the dates in the period of Dubrovnik Summer Games. A lot of people from around the world who are fond of art, Dubrovnik and the Festival book their tickets months ahead knowing that they will be a part of it next summer.

The program, pictures, video, tickets and a lot more information about the Festival you can check on their website: