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St. Blaise is the protector of Dubrovnik. Citizens of Dubrovnik celebrate him for 1034 years since the time he saved Dubrovnik from the Arabs. According to the legend, he appeared in a dream of a town's rector and nobleman and warned him about the attack. He was a Christian priest in Little Asia in 4th century and a protector of people with sore throat.

The statue of Saint Blaise
The statue of Saint Blaise

The celebration of St. Blaise is one of the most important days of the year for Dubrovnik and all the places in its vicinity. During these 5-6 days of celebration people are reminded of freedom and hospitality for each and everyone. And what is very interesting, during these days, criminals were set free from prosecution, according to the law of Dubrovnik Republic.

The celebration of Saint Blaise

Even today, people pay much attention in decorating the Old Town and organizing the procession, days before the celebration. St. Blaise church becomes green, covered with thick laurel and illuminated by candles. The flag with a character of St. Blaise flutters on the top of Orlando's monument in front of the church.

Celebration of St. Blaise

The celebration starts at 15 p.m., February 3rd in front of the church of St. Blaise. A very picturesque scene at the opening is when white doves fly out of the cages symbolizing freedom, the most precious jewel of residents and their ancestors. This jewel kept Dubrovnik Republic alive for 500 years.

Orchestar of Young People Performing infront of Old Town

Interesting thing to see is the competition of men in spinning their native flags. They come from different places near Dubrovnik and in this way they pay respect to St. Blaise.

Celebration of St. Blaise

After the procession is over, the celebration for common people starts followed by raffle and shouting the numbers out loud in front of the Sponza palace and it continues like that until the evening.

Celebration of St. Blaise

The big market also plays significant role in time of the celebration. People sell all kinds of different things, clothes, jewelry, food, candies... Everyone can find something for him/herself.

Celebration of St. Blaise

It is a nice experience to be in Dubrovnik on this day. The real spirit, which means the good spirit of people comes out to the surface. The weather can be surprisingly warm and sunny although it is winter. So, if you cannot come during summer season, at least you can consider paying a visit at this time of the year.