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Why would you be interested in visiting Korčula? What is so special and worthy of your attention?

Dubrovnik islands... View at Korčula
View at Korčula

Well, the most attractive thing about this island are the preserved legends about its history with fairies as the main characters. A lot of stories about this island are well kept in the memory of old people from Korčula. But, I will tell you about this after fundamental tips you have to know.

Dubrovnik islands... Authentic people remembering the legends
Authentic people remembering the legends

How to come

Dubrovnik area... Port Orebić
Port Orebić

This island has a good connection with the rest of Dalmatia. The most usual way of coming is from little town Orebić on the peninsula Pelješac. There is a ferry leaving every hour throughout the day. This is perfect for people traveling with the car.

...It is amazing to look at Korčula while slowly approaching with the ferry. The view represents theatre-like introduction to the island and inspires the mind to imagine the scenes to be played on that stage.

However, if you would like to go straight from Dubrovnik, than I definitely recommend catamaran Nona Ana. It goes from port Gruž and it takes about 2 and a half hours to get to Korčula. Here's the Time Table of Nona Ana.

Dubrovnik islands... Old town Korčula, theatrical entrance
Old town Korčula, theatrical entrance

The atmosphere of Korčula

Dubrovnik islands... Korčula summer atmosphere
Korčula summer atmosphere

Korčula radiates with mild climate which means enjoying warm and dry summer. The best indicator is the soft wind that says hello right on the ferry. The harbour embraces every new visitor and points directly to the old town Korčula.

Dubrovnik islands... Korčula harbour
Korčula harbour

The old town is surrounded by defensive walls and forts, saturated by cobbled narrow streets, churches and palaces of old aristocrats. These blocks of stones were built during 14th, 15th and 16th century.

Dubrovnik islands... Children from Korčula playing in narrow street
Children from Korčula playing in narrow street

While buzzing through the old town you will most likely come across Mr. Marco Polo. Once he had an important role in human history and now he allows everyone to take picture with him remembering his old glory. He keeps himself alive this way, living like a ghost on many photos from people around the world, summer after summer. And when the tourist season comes to an end, he goes back to being just another legend...

Dubrovnik islands...Marco Polo in Korčula
Marco Polo in Korčula

Quick Tips in How to Get the Best Out of Korčula

The best place to enjoy the view of the old town is on the top of a small fortress where you can also have a cold drink and listen to music. This is unique place where you can observe sunset, horizon and take a breath of ancient human culture. After crossing the market and entering through the gate of the old town just continue straight forward and you'll find it.

Dubrovnik islands... Perfect place in Korčula to enjoy the sunset
Perfect place in Korčula to enjoy the sunset

The red roofs of Korcula
The red roofs of Korčula

Here are the indgredients that made Korčula culturaly famous. Next to Mr. Polo of course :-)

Dance... Speaking of culture, Korčula is famous for its sword dance Moreška. This dance tells a story about the fight for a girl. Two kings are fighting together with their soldiers performing amazingly coordinated dance with swords. Costumes and complicated rythmic coreographies represent human appreciation for aesthetics. Be sure not to miss this happening!

Dubrovnik islands...Fairy dance of Korčula
Fairy dance of Korčula

Food... A very important aspect of visiting any place is food of course. During summer season Korčula has plenty of fine restaurants to offer. These restaurants cook their own daily fresh authentic meals. It makes you feel like one of the old residents of the island while getting to know their food. Atmosphere as well as the quality of food is essential and restaurants in Korčula are one of the best in the Adriatic in both.

Dubrovnik islands...Restaurant in Korčula with intimate atmosphere
Restaurant in Korčula with intimate atmosphere

The sea, of course... Concerning swimming, the only sandy beach is Lumbarda, but you will certainly enjoy the rest of the beaches if you like pebbles, rocks and solitary places because Korčula is full of it.

Dubrovnik islands...Beaches around Korčula
Beaches around Korčula

Accomodation. Feels like home... Korčula has five hotels. Apartments and rooms you'll find throughout the island. People from Korčula seem to be very fond of backpackers that don't have to worry about the lack of camps which are pretty cheap, even for croatian standards. A night spent in a camp is around 5 Euro for one person. Shower, toilets, a nice piece of land covered with grass is secured for every nature lover. Enjoy backpackers!

Dubrovnik islands...Hotel in Korčula
Hotel in Korčula

The whole island outside the old town is covered with pine trees and vineyards. Traveling across the island is an unforgetable visual experience. And a tiny sneak peek in one of the vineyards won't harm nobody as long as it is within the limits :-)

Finally, the Legend

Vela Špilja (Big Cave) in Vela Luka is an archeological discovery, the habitat of the ancestors. Such places are focal points of life where water emerges out of dry stones covering them with green blankets of moss, filling the entire place with trees which in return protect it from the sun.

Dubrovnik islands... Fairy tale place
Fairy tale place

People from Korčula always thought of them as mysterious, certain that there must be something magical about them... Well, make your own conclusion when you read the story:

Once upon a time a shepherd was taking his sheeps for pasture and came across a place known as the Forest Temple. Fairies came to him while he was resting and gave him a bag with "something" in it. They said that it will make him rich, but he must not open the bag before he gets home. You can guess what happened... The shepherd opened the bag as soon as he got behind the first corner. What he saw was plain dirt which could've been gold if he just waited for some time. This is the lesson of how patience can be rewarding... Native people told me this when I first came to Korčula. They told me about the fairies and the legends. These stories are symbolical, teaching life lessons to an ordinary man. Not to be greedy, impatient, or let anything guide you in the wrong direction.

Dubrovnik islands... Greetings from Korčula
Greetings from Korčula

So please be patient and wait until you get to Korčula to experience its gifts that are waiting just for you...