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Mirso, the minstrel of the Onofrio Fountain

Mirso, the minstrel
Mirso, the Minstrel

When you enter the main street of the Old Town you cannot but notice one special character.

He's Mirso, he is a minstrel, he always wears sixteenth century clothes, and you'll always find him at the Onofrio fountain.

Most of the time you'll find him singing accompanied by his guitar. He is like the romantic poet of the Old Town...

He's been there, singing to the tourists, for many years now and he has virtually become part of the monument... He seems to enjoy his role very much and you can always ask him questions about Dubrovnik, places to see and things to do.

In fact he is the kind of person that says hello to everyone and always returns your smile, with interest...

He also makes and sells Dubrovnik souvenirs.

Heart-shaped souvenirs
Heart-shaped souvenirs

So I suggest you stop there to watch and listen to him for a while... as you enter the medieval Old Town let him give you the first taste of renaissance Dubrovnik.