An insider's guide to little-known places to go and things to see in Dubrovnik

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Boat leaving  on a trip from Old Town Dubrovnik to Lokrum
Boat leaving on a trip from Old Town Dubrovnik to Lokrum

If you walk around Dubrovnik in the summer, sooner or later you'll come across students offering boat trips to the Elafiti islands.

A typical trip starts at 9 in the morning and brings you back at 6 p.m. If you've got day to spare, I recommend you don't miss this chance; If you see one of those students working part time selling the tickets, ask them to tell you everything about available trips, otherwise go to a travel agent or directly to the port.

Selling boat tours in the Old Port of Dubrovnik
Selling boat tours...

Next morning reach early the place of departure and if you are that kind of person start making friends with the crue and your fellow passengers. A typical boat carries 20 passengers, and you'll usually meet people from all over the world. You'll start with a 20 minute cruise to Koločep and you'll spend the rest of the day hopping from island to island. You'll stay in the various places one, two or three hours, sometimes for swimm, sometimes for lunch, sometimes for a walk...

You'll have lunch in a restaurant on an island. These restaurants are famous for their sea food.

Note: That's not to be confused with the "sea food" diet of people like my uncle Ivan, who follows the principle, "When I sea food, I eat it!"

Make sure you bring everything for swimming and your camera to capture special moments and spectacular views. You may also consider bringing with you one of those cheep single-use waterproof cameras and try your hand at underwater photography in these crystal clear waters. More beaches, cliffs, forests, secluded bays and walks in ports and quaint little villages will fill the rest of the day.

Dubrovnik glass boat
If you want a glass boat...

I really think your holiday in Dubrovnik will not be complete without a trip to the islands and I hope you'll get the chance to go and enjoy.