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In a lot of cases, people who come to Dubrovnik to stay for some time want to try a new sport or continue their exercise. This is a great opportunity to utilize the time in the best possible way. Here is the selection of three types of recreation. The choice is yours...


There are four locations where you can rent a tennis field.


There are 5 tennis fields at the beginning of Uvala Lapad. The fields are surrounded by pine and palm trees and by pleasant atmosphere of people that go for a walk and to get away from the traffic noise. Several coffee places are right next to the tennis fields.

Tennis in Uvala Lapad
Tennis in Uvala Lapad

Babin Kuk:

Few tennis fields are located in Babin Kuk, the complex of hotels very close to Uvala. It takes several minutes by bus or a car or even by foot. These fields are very convenient for people who are staying near Babin Kuk or in one of the hotels.

Hotel Palace:

Hotel Palace has its own tennis field and if I may say, it is located in one of the most beautiful parts of peninsula Lapad. It is a real joy to play there.

Tennis in hotel Palace
Tennis in hotel Palace

Fields in Gospino Polje:

Sports center in Gospino Polje is located between Lapad and the Old Town following Ivo Vojnovic street. There are about 6-7 tennis fields. The place is extremely quiet in case you like to be 100% focused on your playing... If you decide to play here, you can contact the manager of tennis fields:

Ivan Dragojevic, cell phone: 00385 91 152 4730 Address: Liechtensteinov put 10


If your plan is to learn to play tennis or improve your tennis skills while in Dubrovnik, personal tennis instructor Boro Bosanac will be most glad to help. He is a tennis trainer for more than 20 years with a lot of experience in training people with different levels of experience.

One hour lesson is 15 Euro and he is available throughout the year, especially during summer season when the weather is most convenient to play.

Feel free to contact him:

cell phone: 00385 91 724 1290 home number: 00385 20 436 773


There are two football fields in Dubrovnik. One is in Lapad and the other is in Gospino Polje. Both can be used for playing football and jogging. In time to time there are football matches, little spectacles in Lapad.

For jogging, one of the best places in Dubrovnik is hill Petka with its natural forest pathways.


Beach Uvala and Banje are two main beaches for playing beach volleyball. Both are very vivid and full of people so it shouldn't be very difficult to find enough people to play...

To end the story of Sports, I'd like to add another sophisticated type of recreation. Golf. Golf terrain is under construction and the place is on the hill Srd, just above the Old Town.