An insider's guide to little-known places to go and things to see in Dubrovnik

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Dubrovnik walks. View at hidden cave
View at hidden cave

I invite you to take a sneak peak with me accross the place called Sveti Jakov (St. Jacob). This place has extremely nice sightseeing spots with the view at the Old Town, islands and the sea, caves and cliffs of this limestone area...

Dubrovnik walks. View at the Old Town
Beautiful view at the Old Town

Exploring the secret garden

The road next to hotel Argentina is the starting point of the walking tour. The fence on the right side separates you from the picturesque view. The point until here is worthwhile seeing, but it should not be your goal. Your goal is to discover small iron gate, the entrance to the real treasure of Sveti Jakov.

Dubrovnik walks. The doorway leading to the beach
Doorway leading to the beach

While going through the iron gate, it feels like entering the "secret garden". No car noise, only the ambience coloured with chirping of the birds, waves hitting the shore, breeze moving the branches of pine trees... The impression of this ambience is getting more vivid as you continue to move along a narrow path and down the old stone stairs. Fence under the pines marks the end of the secret garden as well as the beginning of a beautiful insight to the nature's creation, lagoon-like caves that from time to time give the shelter to adventurous boats, green island of Lokrum together with historical heritage of old Dubrovnik...

View at the Old Dubrovnik
View at Old Dubrovnik

In summertime, stones and a pebbles under the fence represent a natural beach without a lot people because of its hidden location.

Dubrovnik walks. The beach
The beach

In search of Sveti Jakov...

Take a walk from Ploče gate of the Old Town in direction of Banje beach. You will pass hotel Excelsior and should stop when you reach hotel Argentina. Road next to the hotel will point in the right direction. If you decide to take the bus, buses number 5 and 8 stop at the station exactly across the hotel Argentina.

Dubrovnik walks. View at misterious castle
View at misterious castle

In case you decide to explore Sveti Jakov and its secrets, good luck and enjoy the tour!